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Monday, March 26, 2012

Get a SPRING in your Step!

Hello bloggers!! Let's welcome springtime with open arms!  The weather here in SE Kansas is beautiful! (not including the four days of nonstop rain from last week)  My daughters have donned their bathing suits and we are all showing off our nice white arms and legs. 

Here is a book I came across in the library I work at, "Fred Stays With Me" by Nancy Coffelt.  What a great story!  The girl in the book describes the hardships of divorce in an understandable way for younger children.  Her dog, Fred, is her sidekick throughout the moving from here to there, mom's house to dad's house.  After Fred starts causing trouble at both homes, the parents are definitely unhappy about the dog.  But the deteremined youngster stands her ground and demands that he is her dog and he stays where she stays.  Good for her!!  The parents cooperate and Fred stays, hooray! 

The story is excellent for children who have/don't have divorced parents. It will totally give insight to a child who has a friend with divorced parents. 

Get a SPRING in your Step!!

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