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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Count Your Blessings

Day after day we as parents do the following: wake up child, feed child, play with child, feed child again, etc, etc.  Between the routines of feeding and napping, do we stop and say thank you for what we have?  Thank you for the monotonous routine of raising our kids and, along the way, loving them the best we can?  After a trip to the ER last week with my one year old, I feel like all I have been doing is counting my blessings.  I am blessed with two beautiful girls and even if I am stressed to the max, I cannot forget that!  Here is a great book about blessings to share with your little one:

Salina Yoon is a favorite of mine, the pictures are whimsical and the writing is perfect for little ones.  This makes a perfect bedtime story!

Parents, be a lovebug!!  Take it a step further and make a Blessings Book.  With a few pieces of paper, fold and staple on the side. Discuss what you are blessed with in your life.  Your child may choose toys or pets, which is perfectly fine.  Make sure you add family to the list, especially siblings.  To add the educational factor, number them as they do in the book.  For example, four pets or two parents.  Good luck and always remember to what your biggest blessing is:  Your Children!!

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