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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Lovebug Day!!

Hello to all you lovebugs out there!  I am celebrating Valentine's Day with the launch of my new blog, Lovebug Literature.  Besides food, clothing, and shelter, the most important thing a parent can do for their child is READ.  What could be better than curling up at bedtime with a picture book and your little one?  Well, maybe add a mug of hot cocoa with marshmallows with that...  Reading with your child gives them a great start on the process of learning to read and the one-on-one interaction helps them feel secure and loved.  Check out my book picks of the week plus a Valentine's activity to try with your little lovebug!


Meg's Pick:  "Pinkalicious: Pinkie Promise" 

Pinkalicious is a darling, pig-tailed girl whose favorite color is...Surprise! Pink, of course.  She borrows her friend's pink paint and promises not to use it all.  Whoops, after her pinkatastic pink picture is painted, she discovers she used up all of the pink paint, plus the red and white too.  Her friend is mad and Pinkalicious is upset that she broke her promise, but even more sad that her friend doesn't sit next to her at lunchtime.  Finally, Pinkalicious delivers a brand new tube of pink paint to her friend and finds out that she is forgiven!  This book gives many great messages on dealing with a friend who is upset with you and even better, the importantance of forgiveness.  Written by Victoria Kann, check this one out!

Valentine's Hand Hearts:

Supplies:  Red or pink paint, white paper, and a pair of tiny hands :)

Paint the outside of your child's hands, the part that is soft from your wrist to your pinkie.  Curve hands to make a heart shape and press down on a piece of paper.  Ta da!  A perfect heart for a sweet valentine!

Valentine Scavenger Hunt:

Every year I have a Valentine scavenger hunt for my girls.  After a breakfast of heart-shaped pancakes, I read the first clue to my oldest and she races to get the next clue.  Try to make the clues rhyme and have your child pick out the rhyming words.  Here are a few examples:

Happy Valentine's Day to Lily and Claire,
now go find what we use to brush your hair.

This is a clue to a bed,
a place where Mommy rests her head.

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